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A bid to make smacking children illegal has been resurrected

Four British commissioners are resurrecting the bid to make smacking children illegal. They will address the United Nations today with hopes of implementing the changes.

Currently in England and Wales, parents can discipline their children using ‘reasonable chastisement’, but if a child receives bruising, cuts or scratches from discipline, the parents could face prosecution.

A UN inquiry into children’s rights in Switzerland will hear evidence from UK officials who will push for the law to be changed, the report states:

“The UK and devolved governments should ensure that children have equal protection from violence under the law.

“All corporal punishment in the family and in all other institutions and form of alternative care should be prohibited, including through the repeal of legal defences.”

Smacking children is currently banned in a handful of countries such as, Germany, Spain, Holland and Sweden. Ministers in England have raised concerns that banning the smacking of children would lead to ‘criminalising’ parents.