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Are primary school exams too difficult?

This month, primary school children will be taking their SATs, but are these tests too much for our children?

exams in schoolLast week, over 40,000 parents signed a petition for the ‘Let Kids Be Kids’ boycott. The aim of the campaign was to ban tests in primary schools, after it emerged children are being reduced to tears during exams. One student is even reported to have suffered a stressed induced nosebleed during a test.

Teachers have lashed out saying the SATs for primary school children are more appropriate for 15-years-olds, branding test questions as “incredibly difficult”, “ridiculous” and “bloody tough”.

The ‘Let Kids Be Kids’ boycott asked parents to keep their children off school for a day in hopes of gaining the government’s attention. Although the ‘Let Kids Be Kids’ social media campaign provedno SATs successful, the majority of students went to school as usual.

The government is persistent that tests will help children reach their full. Earlier this year the new exams were introduced in accordance with the new curriculum in 2014, but teachers and parents are worried how their children will cope with the new pressure of harder exams.

Many parents have defended the campaign, but others have said ‘we need exams to see how well our children are doing’.

What is your opinion on primary school exams?